Native American Church Of the Ghost Dancers

Thank you for stopping by our special projects page. Ghost Dancers is a family oriented organization that participates in many different programs that resonates strongly with our values and principals. We strive everyday to provide support and resources to everyone regardless of where you might be from, who you are, or whatever has happened in your past. Ghost Dancers prides itself in providing a fresh start for many people from all different walks of life through Native American culture and teachings.

Have you noticed how trash pollution has changed our sacred lands for the worst, and has caused issues like global warming and natural water contamination? Our program our land, our lives is our way of contributing to restoring mother earth to her former glory just as our forefathers before us had. 

Our horses, burros, bison, and ponies are being hunted everyday by greedy people and are seen as a dollar sign rather than living animals. Where can they turn, and who can help them when their homes have been destroyed due to urbanization? Us! We will be here fighting for the welfare and proper care of these animals.

Finally, our mothers, sisters, daughters, nieces, and aunts are in danger and have been in critical danger for quite some time. Our women and girls are being hunted by sex traffickers, and are being disrespected, torn down, and left feeling hopeless in domestic violence situations. We have erected the Indigenous Womens Trauma Center to provide 24/7 safe-housing shelter for battered women, professional counseling services for women who may need addiction and mental health guidance. We also will be providing rehabilitation services to assist women with better life choices, gainful employment, and most importantly spiritual enlightenment. 

Now that you have learned a bit about how we serve our community, please click one of the links below to learn more detailed information about each respective program