Native American Church Of the Ghost Dancers

Our lands, our lives


The native American church of the ghost dancers is cleaning up mother earth’s wounds,

Her womb has been weeping for over 500 years. We will be cleaning up toxic dump waste,

We have a great team of volunteers and others who have offered their services to clean

Up mother earth. We all have relatives; we all are the sons and daughters of earth

Mother, we came as her guest to honor her gifts of all that is divine. Somehow the

Message and the protection of our home was destroyed, her water ways are tapped

Out, corroded, toxic and now we have a serious water issue. Tapped out by huge

Corporations, that have no concerns for mother earth’s wounds. They exploit and they

Rape her and her children. We can restore, and face this challenge as warriors, the

Animals are her children and yet somehow, they too have been left out in the cold, in

The endless sea of blood. The trail of tears still today continues and the only beings

That will change the direction of destruction is going to be the forgotten red race. We

Thank all those who are dedicating their time, life and energy to this project. The earth

Is our home. Let us honor our home now, for we are all just visitors here. While we are

Here, let us assist the divine, the equine, bison and burrows. They all need a place to live

And to share while they too are just passing thru. I am very honored that you have

Chosen to assist on this very sacred journey, for your children, will again be able to see

The future, will it not be wonderful for our children, mother earth’s children to live

In a toxic free world.

If you are interested in donations of time or funding, please let us know and please go

To our donations page and web site.

We appreciate you, mother earth’s children will heal, will cleanse and clear toxic waste

dumps, toxic lands, reservation lands and earth mother’s children will breathe clean

Air, drink pure waters and be able to grow foods again that will truly nurture and heal

all disease. The land is her spirit, her lungs, her breath of all living beings.

We will arise and reign.

Welcome to our nativistic resurgence!

Ghost dancers