Native American Church Of the Ghost Dancers

Oaxaca Church Charter, Mexico

The Oaxaca Charter is administrated by Daniel OStrom, from the lineage of the famed  

curandera, Maria Sabina. He and his mother, Perla Serna, were some of the first members  

and ministers of our Church. Perla was for many years a well-known curandera in Los  

Angeles ministering to the indigenous Mexican population there and owned and ran the  

shop, Diosa del Amor, with Daniel. Daniel is also an Indian Mason having been initiated by  

the Oklahoma Indian degree Team in Skiatook , Oklahoma, and has been adopted by Chief  

Sintollo and Anumpeshi as their son. The Church in Oaxaca is located on three acres in  

Puerto Escondido overlooking the beautiful bay there where the ancient sea turtles come  

every year to lay their eggs.