Native American Church Of the Ghost Dancers

The Ghostdancers will be opening a women’s trauma center for women who have been living in a domestic abusive situation, family, kidnapped, trafficked or other abuse to their body, mind and spirit.

The women’s trauma center will be open 24/7 for all those in need and suffering from any and all domestic and outside abuse.

Our Trauma Center will provide counseling/addiction recovery as well as sex addictions, alcohol and drug addictions.

We will have staff on duty 24/7 with education, college degrees in psychology counseling and addiction experience.

We will have a qualified Executive Director who will oversee the trauma center and Anumpeshi as a spiritual guide and assistant.

We will offer art classes, karate, gardening and how to live in a nativistic community with earth mother and her children.

We wish to nurture and to heal not only their broken bones, and broken hearts, but the soul.

Thru nativistic resurgence we can heal thru our ancestors dreams, we can heal thru medicines from plants, and from planting our hands into sacred ground, planting seeds and watching them grow. Seeding and sowing, nurturing and growing.

We wish to offer these traumatized souls, something they have never known,” peace”

This is one of our urgent centers to get these indigenous women a safe haven now. Too many goes missing, they are never found, 50% of all women missing are indigenous women. There is a   lack of concern for the forgotten red race, mothers, daughters, sisters, cousins.

One out of every 5 native women must give up a child due to poverty.

It’s beyond grace time, time to forgive, to luv and to heal.