Native American Church Of the Ghost Dancers

We have been the protectors and guardians over the bison, mustangs and burrows for over thousands of years. The white man came and now for 500 years has been slaughtering our sacred and divine equine. They do it for hate of divinity, they do it for greed, they do it for the rich cattle ranchers they do it for those in bed with the beef industries in the USA/Mexico. The slaughterhouses are full of beautiful, healthy spirited mustangs and yet the blm feels a need to suck their blood and destroy their bones. The blm has been in league with the butchers since their inception. We the forgotten red race will not forget the divine equine, we will not forget the soldiers they carried home, we will not forget their spirits alone, win battlefields every day. When the last of the mustangs cry out, father thunder will return and bring his children home to the north star, where it has been vacant for over 1000 years. We hear the mustang’s cries, as the forgotten red race was genocide slaughtered and raped, so are the mustangs today, all those who walk on sacred ground are walking upon the blood of our ancestors, the blood of the mustangs the blood of the divine. In the USA, all those who stole lands, raped indigenous women and killed fathers, brothers and sons, you are trespassers. We must remove the blm, the mustangs must have new lands, new waters, a safe haven to live in freedom and to be at “peace”
When the last of the mustangs die, we all die.