Native American Church Of the Ghost Dancers

Na Hiloha Ohoyo

Halito, I am Alicia Palmos. I have devoted my life to human and animal rights in several countries. I have worked as an activist against child labor in factories in Los Angeles, El Salvador and Peru. Working in this capacity I would dismiss all children working under the age of sixteen, while funding their families so this would not affect their education, rent nor food accessibility. I studied anthropology, social economics and linguistics at the University of Colorado Boulder. With my language fluency in four languages I was able to coordinate and incorporate my abilities to interact with corporate executives and factory owners. I traveled to Brazil to learn Portuguese and to study the indigenous Brazilians culture. Later I moved into a country parcel in Colorado and learned of the desperate plea to save the last of the living mustangs. I went to auctions and kill pens to save as many as I could. I now live on my horse estate with forty sacred mustangs and my four sons. I will be assisting in the Indigenous Women’s Trauma Center as well as the Indian Ponies, Burros and Bison Sanctuary. Please join me on this sacred journey.

I am Thunder Being Woman or in the Choctaw language Na Hiloha Ohoyo.