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Posted by Evan Woody
on 16/11/16 - 09:32

Hey great site learned a lot and really interested in finding a church after all these recent events leaving me feeling like a need a loving community.

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Posted by Douglas Burton
on 25/5/15 - 01:54

I am mixed heritage, primarily Choctaw / Cherokee and was interested in your church's beliefs and practices.

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Posted by anton mauritz
on 5/7/14 - 09:55

Like the site im an oneida native american clan wolf how do I join your church

Entry N 56
Posted by Jim Senig
on 30/12/13 - 15:30

In memory of all that lost their lives on December 29th,1890 at the Wounded Knee Massacer!:-(

Entry N 55
Posted by Jim Senig(ISOBA TVLI)
on 30/12/13 - 15:26

Greetings to all my brothers and sisters! From ISOBA TVLI horse of iron!:-)

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Posted by Catherine
on 24/11/13 - 09:41

I like this site, was looking for something to join in on on sundays .sometimes its to cold and snowy to get outside.:-)

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Posted by Laval Lev Malachi
on 23/10/13 - 03:23

Very valuable site - thanks for sharing.G-)

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Posted by John T. Moss
on 7/10/13 - 16:33

I am honored to have spoken to Clifton today and finding out that we have similar goals in supporting and enhancing Indian Country. Also, that we are both of Oklahoma Tribal members of Nations. Blessings John T. Moss Caddo Tribe of Oklahoma

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Posted by Onsi Nakowa
on 7/10/12 - 20:42

Very nice site and very worthy cause...yakoke

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Posted by Dan
on 26/4/12 - 06:53

I enjoyed your site very much thank you for opening my eyes and mind..coeur d' alene nation ID..S-)

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Posted by shana sky
on 27/3/12 - 10:56

thank you so much for letting me be a part of your group.

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Posted by Phoenix Unite
on 15/11/11 - 03:21

Your site is very good. Thank you for the opportunity to sign your guest book.

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Posted by
Lisa Robin IktomiWin Sanford


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Posted by Council Woman Sanford

O'siyo, we support you. May we walk as one voice...

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Posted by David Sugar
on 3/11/11 - 05:11

I look forward to the day when the basic dignity of all human beings are equally recognized and respected regardless of race or origin. True decolonization must happen both within each of ourselves individually as well as for the captive nations occupied today. That to me is what renewal of our shared Turtle Island means.

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Posted by
wa-do "THANK YOU":-)


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