Native American Church Of the Ghost Dancers

Ghost Dancers Church Branches


Thank you for taking the time to visit our church branches page. We have historic branches located in Mount Shasta, California, Oaxaca, Mexico, & Portland Oregon. Each respective location has a special relationship with Native American culture and heritage.

Mount Shasta has beautiful scenery and  vast hills, valleys, and extensive wildlife which is essential to the ecosystem and in line with our beliefs. This is why this location was chosen as our headquarters. 

Oaxaca, Mexico is a gorgeous place with a lot of historical value. Oaxaca is home to Huatulco Bay where you are able to catch views of sea turtles, other sea creatures, and land mammals.

Portland, Oregon is a location that has a lot of natural resources. and strong ties to Native Americans. It’s beautiful land, plants, fruits, and vegetables make it an ideal place for creating memories and to raise a family. 

To learn more information about each individual branch in great detail click one of the links listed below

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